Saturday, January 19, 2008

Writing Challenges - Motivation: Some Straight Talk

Writing is a lonely job. Writing while working another job is even more challenging. Some of the links here might motivate and inspire you to write something from your heart. Writing from the heart is about the most honest thing you can do as a serious writer. There are a lot of books getting published, but only a small percentage is actually successful. Seems like many publishers are willing to take risks on the “next great writer,” but if that first book doesn’t sell well, then the odds of a multi-book deal with that publisher are very low.

What can we do to improve our chances of getting published, and getting the lucrative publishing contracts? Well, we can write the best possible work we can and make sure it is passionate, bold, honest, daring, and, yes, “from the heart.” See this link to Ann Kroeker's blog form more inspiration and thoughts.

In rewriting my current novel, I’m trying to strip the prose down to the barest of sentences without taking away essential elements like character, voice, and description.

Of course, finding the time to write – and rewrite – is also very challenging if you have other commitments. But to consider yourself a serious writer, put butt to chair and fingers to keys every day. Write something every day. More serious goals – a novel, short story, several poems – will require more commitment and looking at your writing with fresh eyes. Living life and enjoying other interests also builds experience that you can later write about. To create art, or at least readable, engaging writing, you need to work on it. Hopefully it’s a form of work you love and have to pull yourself away from. Good writing.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. They're especially motivating as I work on a big project.

    I'm especially pleased that you found something I wrote to be worthwhile linkage.


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