Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Literary Agents: We are Working for You

OK, writers out there - You want an agent... need an agent, right? Well, the first thing we writers have to do, of course (hello), is write something highly readable, dare I say "marketable."

If you are wondering what's going on in an agent's mind, or someone that works for an agency, here are a couple starting places/blogs: [read them quickly and then Get Writing for goodness sake! The fate of the universe, or at least the state of reading and literature, depends upon you. No pressure.]

Pub Rants

The Rejecter
(yes, she reads your query letters and rejects most - 95% according to her "rants")

But the best advice I've heard, for fiction writers, is to write what you like and make it the best writing. Simply make your months, years of toil and revision seem effortless and not like self-conscious prose. Piece of cake - especially avoiding cliches. Good writing.

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