Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who or Whom? Lay or Lie? Comma or Not? You Need Tim the Tutor

We are well into a busy academic year, and there are a lot of papers, essays, short responses, even research papers due. Yikes! If you or your student could use some help with English and writing -- making it more effective, engaging -- then please contact me. In the Baltimore County and Bel Air, Maryland area, I will meet for a focused session on sentence-level issues, grammar, punctuation, research (citing sources, etc.), study skills, paragraph building ...

What is a thesis? Do I need a chemistry set for that? No, you need Tim the Tutor. That's me!

As a college writing teacher since 2007, and my background and education in writing, editing, and teaching, I have the skill knowledge to share, and I am eager to help you create successful communication. Why not turn that "C" paper into an "A" paper, or at least a "B." With a few consultations and some focused feedback, your communication will transform. For my professional references and more information, e-mail
See also the "Tutoring Services" tab here at this website.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Editors, Publishers - Quality Digital, Online Content - Contact Me

You need traffic on your site. You want your advertisers to continue to buy ads, so you want excellent, timely articles and content for your site.

If you are frustrated with your workload or unhappy with the free writing you may have been using, I am a published writer-editor with experience, contacts, and content ideas in arts & culture, music, technology, education, and book publishing. Time to take your site up a notch!

My rates are competitive and my work is highly professional. Take a look at my Writing Samples and Bio pages here. Also, I will provide references at your request.

Let's move into, continue our success in, the digital age together. Your readers and advertisers expect the best, so let's give it to them. - Tim J. Nelson

A short, recent clip at Glide Magazine. See Side Bar for more clips.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Want People to Know about Your Art? Your New CD? Your Latest Project?

Musicians, artists, designers, and creative professionals:

As you know, strong, effective writing can convey the essence, integrity, and power of your work.

If you feel that your Artist’s Statement, Biography, or promotional copy could use polishing or you would like to have one created, please contact me for affordable rates. For more information, please see my "Writing Samples" and "Bio" here.

This is a partial list of my services for creative professionals:

• Liner Notes
• Bios
• Histories
• Promotional copy
• Press Kits
• Artist’s Statement (written or revised in collaboration with the artist)

Please e-mail me for a no-obligation quote. We can discuss your needs, expectations, and project’s time frame.

- Tim
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Missed Comma Could Cost You Business … Money

If you want your writing, your message, your communication to make sense and not confuse the reader, the little things, like punctuation, can make a big difference. In a highly competitive marketplace, the up-and-coming business is waiting for your message to fail so they can take over your accounts. And if you are the up-and-coming business, your message better be clear, engaging, and effective. The wrong or ignored comma or other punctuation might send the wrong message … that you are careless and sloppy, that details do not matter. This economy is not forgiving.

Do you have business communication, a memo, or an advertising letter that needs some help? Does it lack that “certain something”? Are you “borrowing” other companies’ messages or reusing old, tired copy?

Let me give you a quote on copy editing, proofreading, rewriting, or customized writing for your project.

Please see my bio and samples here or feel free to e-mail me with questions.

- TN

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year, New Work: Newness Never Old

Happy New Year! Wow, 2011 . . . here’s hoping yours is the best – rejuvenating, illuminating, perfectly challenging, and enlightening. Yes, fruitful.

This January, Yes, Poetry – an online poetry journal based in New York – publishes another one of my poems; “Seven Seas Speak” was in Issue Two. Look for a new one here – – in the January issue, Issue Eleven.

Currently, I am revising and submitting some short stories to various publications.

As always, thanks for stopping by and “drop me a line,” so I know you’re out there – the Internet can be a lonely, expansive place, stay in touch.

- Tim