Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who or Whom? Lay or Lie? Comma or Not? You Need Tim the Tutor

We are well into a busy academic year, and there are a lot of papers, essays, short responses, even research papers due. Yikes! If you or your student could use some help with English and writing -- making it more effective, engaging -- then please contact me. In the Baltimore County and Bel Air, Maryland area, I will meet for a focused session on sentence-level issues, grammar, punctuation, research (citing sources, etc.), study skills, paragraph building ...

What is a thesis? Do I need a chemistry set for that? No, you need Tim the Tutor. That's me!

As a college writing teacher since 2007, and my background and education in writing, editing, and teaching, I have the skill knowledge to share, and I am eager to help you create successful communication. Why not turn that "C" paper into an "A" paper, or at least a "B." With a few consultations and some focused feedback, your communication will transform. For my professional references and more information, e-mail
See also the "Tutoring Services" tab here at this website.

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