Thursday, June 25, 2015

Living Your Passions - Resources

We can change if we want to, if we are open to the possibility. Are you living your passions or “living a life of serfdom”? Life should be about exploring, learning, learning about new cultures, traveling, listening, sharing, and teaching. It’s about connection, finding kindred souls, helping others discover their passions. This is why I love writing, editing, and teaching.

The website is a great clearinghouse for information to discover your true self, your passions. Do you want to work at a job or do you want to play at a passion? You can ease into this – no one expects you to jump right in, or forget all your responsibilities.

“Can you find your bliss?” asks Preston Smiles, in an interview with journalist and writer Amber Lyon, creator of Check it out and happy travels!

If I may help you with your writing or editorial goals, please contact me. We can discuss your ideas, your project with no obligation. 

- Tim

Friday, April 17, 2015

Editors & Publishers: Need Effective Copy and Engaging Articles? Why, Yes, Yes, We Do

Sure, there are plenty of online sources for web content and articles. Let's deal directly, with no middleman. Since 1996, I've written engaging, well-researched articles, essays, and web content.

Email me now to let me know your needs. My schedule is opening up for summer, so now is a good time to communicate. 

Your website needs professional content with substance, not entertainment fluff and airy filler.

Your organization needs pertinent and timely articles for its newsletters, brochures, and publications.

Let me help. I look forward to speaking to you soon about your writing and publication needs.

- Tim