Saturday, March 24, 2007

Links & Thinks

Hello. Thank you for visiting. Surely you are busy saving the world from injustice, corruption, and "poorly designed" websites.

Obviously, you need a break, so get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some mind-expanding Internet links to connect you to the light that is filling the voids of darkness. Remember to breathe.

[Also, stay tuned for some exciting news on a publication of my poems. They will be available for "a song" right here from this site. More soon.]

Brace yourself for transformation and enlightenment:

Charity/Stewardship: Get rid of your loose change here, dig deep...

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

RiverKeeper - a non-profit overseen by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an environmental lawyer busy suing the pants off of illegal polluters so our children can breathe and maybe actually eat the fish from our waterways.


INLAND EMPIRE by David Lynch - his latest surreal offering is winning over more fans of his artistic, inspirational "nightmares."

New age guru, and a grounded, powerful writer, Gary Zukav will be despised by gun-slinging deer hunters and right-wing extremists -- that's a good thing. Keeps the world in balance.

So will Dr. Wayne Dyer. The author of Pulling Your Own Strings and The Sky's the Limit is still going strong. Another wise soul who advises that happiness and "the light" are within, if we intend to do the work to mine it. Will be despised by most entertainment-hungry, externally centered souls. But that's OK, all in good time.

[Editorial Note: Yes, the editors of this site risk readership by adopting the east coast, and literary, tradition of sarcasm. We think it works. Send cards, e-mails, or letters to the editors, which will be recycled, blocked as spam, or folded into paper airplanes... just kidding. Agents, producers, folks with an interest in supporting the arts: the writers of this blog are highly employable, respectable, trustworthy, and caring individuals (OK, it's just me), so please e-mail us (me) with inquiries.

Other Inspiration:

Music - Modest Mouse has a new release. The band also has a new member, Johnny Marr of The Smiths fame. This should be an exciting chapter in the band's career. We'll keep watching and listening.

Well, thanks for visiting. Hope you visit again for a bit of inspiration.