Tuesday, July 08, 2014

"Getting at Truth" - My Essay on Writing and Life

South85 Journal, a publication of Converse College's MFA program, published my essay on writing on July 4, 2014.

Writers, poets, and readers may find it inspirational. Please share, and like it on FB, if you are inspired.

Click this link to read the essay: "Getting at Truth" at South85 Journal.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Who Are You? It's Not Too Late to Discover

This is the time to be alive. Now. What else do you have, right? Everything happens for a reason. You're on here - thanks.

This site has been up for years - not one business client has contacted me because of it. According to the site's statistics, people around the world read it. Also, it's a calling card for some of the publications I write for and want to write for, so that's positive. The point? Don't expect a personal website to bring you business or connections - it's just a tool.

As a writer, I want to get at the truth, tell stories, connect with others. Not everyone wants truth. Many of us, me included, sometimes want distraction, a diversion.

Inside, you know what the truth is, and you know your purpose. You might feel like your education let you down or that you made the wrong choices. There's still time. The past only matters if you learn from it. "The thing with history is that nobody learns from history," said Alan W. Watts, the philosopher. The future will happen on its own, so embrace The Now.

Humans like to categorize and label, everything and everyone. Ignore that - move away from that. It's not productive; in fact, it's destructive and negative. If you want to grow and harbor aggression, hate, and anger, sure, keep that up. That pit of bitterness and negativity will spread. Wouldn't you rather focus on the beauty in every living thing, animal and person? Try it. It's hard to do since we've been taught and judged by these hierarchical standards. Compete with yourself. All the great people in life compete with themselves, and they trust their intuition. Empower yourself with love, understanding, empathy and move away from judgment. There is an awakening happening, worldwide. It won't be in the media.

To some this sounds new age or hippie-based. So be it. Move on, please. There's plenty on the 'net for your amusement. I do wish you the best. If you've read this far and feel like judging, just ask yourself what you're lacking. Is it love? Understanding? Didn't get that so far? That's understandable. All humans are alike, yet we experience differently. Find the commonality, not the differences, or celebrate the differences. If you want love and empathy, grow that in yourself. Share yourself and be brave. Yes, men can do this. Do you want movie models of masculinity and strength, or do you want to trust yourself, your heart? Your heart knows what to do; it beats for you.

Acts of kindness and empathy are spreading. We can connect to one another as a human community, without this marketed idea of constant competition, judgment, pettiness, and superficiality. We all are born. We all will die. Let's help each other move from one natural event to the other. The toys are not your worth. They are not you. Who are you?   ...  Be strong and surround yourself with good people, good books, and create a good life. ... Find (Inner) Peace. Thank you for connecting. I wish you strength.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Here's How I Can Help You Market Your Products & Services - Sales Letter Example

Why I Can Help Your Business Make Money 

You don’t know me. Why would you trust that I could help you make money?
I understand. But you’re here and you’re reading this, so you know the power of communication. Of words.

We both know that a customer’s trust & loyalty are everything.

Writing is my specialty. I’ve been doing it a long time – since 1995, in fact, not counting the numerous school projects before that – thanks, teachers!

Business sense: I worked in sales & marketing for over seven years, so I know that business owners want to stay successful and increase their success. They need good, dedicated employees to do this. And they need reliable, trustworthy contractors. They need customers to trust and respect them before they get their business. That’s challenging, communicating the right image…  That’s me! Why? Because I … 
  • Am a published writer and editor: articles, interviews, & more
  • Earned my masters in professional writing
  • Earned an undergraduate degree in communications
  • Have direct sales, marketing, and business experience
  • Know the power of words to connect ideas to people and people to ideas

But what about risk? As a business owner, or an executive overseeing your company’s image, why should you contact me?

Because there’s no obligation to get a proposal from me. I’ll include a sample of the type of writing that can work for you.

If the sales, web, or marketing copy I write for you inspires and motivates your clients and customers, we’re in business – together. Return on investment.

Contact me today so we can discuss your communication needs. There’s nothing to lose, customers and business success to gain!

I look forward to talking to you!


PS. If you contact me through this website, the email listed, I’ll give you 10 percent off your first project!

Monday, February 03, 2014

Writer for Hire: Quality Web Content

Drive viewers and business to your organization's site with quality content.

  • Web Page Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Articles
  • Interviews and Industry/Field related stories, content
Let's discuss your project, your goals, and your communication needs. I will provide a free proposal based on our initial conversations. Also, I will provide my LinkedIn and related references as needed.

- Tim 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Writer for Hire: You Need Engaging Stories; I Write 'Em!

With over fifteen years of writing experience, including local and national publications, I will help you achieve your editorial and publication goals.

Stories about real people, real issues, and real news, to inform and entertain. My clips speak for themselves. See my "Writing Samples" page.

I've interviewed iconic musicians - Brad Delp, Tom Scholz, Henry Rollins, and other innovators - and I've completed compelling stories ... on deadline!

I look forward to working with you soon,

- Tim