Thursday, March 13, 2014

Here's How I Can Help You Market Your Products & Services - Sales Letter Example

Why I Can Help Your Business Make Money 

You don’t know me. Why would you trust that I could help you make money?
I understand. But you’re here and you’re reading this, so you know the power of communication. Of words.

We both know that a customer’s trust & loyalty are everything.

Writing is my specialty. I’ve been doing it a long time – since 1995, in fact, not counting the numerous school projects before that – thanks, teachers!

Business sense: I worked in sales & marketing for over seven years, so I know that business owners want to stay successful and increase their success. They need good, dedicated employees to do this. And they need reliable, trustworthy contractors. They need customers to trust and respect them before they get their business. That’s challenging, communicating the right image…  That’s me! Why? Because I … 
  • Am a published writer and editor: articles, interviews, & more
  • Earned my masters in professional writing
  • Earned an undergraduate degree in communications
  • Have direct sales, marketing, and business experience
  • Know the power of words to connect ideas to people and people to ideas

But what about risk? As a business owner, or an executive overseeing your company’s image, why should you contact me?

Because there’s no obligation to get a proposal from me. I’ll include a sample of the type of writing that can work for you.

If the sales, web, or marketing copy I write for you inspires and motivates your clients and customers, we’re in business – together. Return on investment.

Contact me today so we can discuss your communication needs. There’s nothing to lose, customers and business success to gain!

I look forward to talking to you!


PS. If you contact me through this website, the email listed, I’ll give you 10 percent off your first project!

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