Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lists to Make You Happy - We Need More Lists

Since it's that time of year (?), here are some LISTS:

Best 80s Bands, according to me:

- Echo and the Bunnymen

- The Clash

- Grandmaster Flash...

- U2 (they're still around, aren't they?)

- The Cult (another Ian fronted band)

- The Cure

- The Smiths

- Van Halen (Eddie ruled)

- The Waterboys

Surreal Movies That Every Film Fan Should See:

- Orphee (Orpheus) by Cocteau

- Blue Velvet

- Wild at Heart by David Lynch

- Brazil

- Being John Malkovich

- Lost in Translation (really just a fine existentialism film)

- The Royal Tenenbaums

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