Monday, April 09, 2007

For National Poetry Month... for the coterie that reads poetry

I had a request for one of my poems, so here it is - thanks. It's a work-in-progress, of course. Plus, another, older one below this one.


They bring them home
in silence, wrapped in crimson stripes,
Death's import

their last flight across the Atlantic –
its choppy waves far below –
they did not sense

the hum of the plane
is a hollow drone
can they see in their new dark?

Their families –
standing at a base of black –
await their arrival home

Three a.m.
tired eyes cry
never got to say goodbye



drifting down the river, most buoyant and free
no fear of snakes or harm, but no reason why
carefree attitude is a free-will choice, embracing life
the wasting of now is most productive in its joy and meaningless
affirmation of breath, skin – mildly cold and defensive – eyes, nose, and ears gathering without judgment, only drinking in
the lavish hues and scents: spectrum of greens and browns; mud, earth, bacterial decay, crisp-sky air, my own breath

arms swaying and waving in the cool water, correcting path
feet pointed downstream, guide for eyes, sight on each gentle apex
a light rain begins and I weep thinking of this return, the cycle of

my tears mixing with rain and river

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