Monday, August 21, 2006

The Word on Words... in the news and noteworthy

Random Literary Notes and Links:

- BOA Editions, a literary press, celebrates its 30th Year Anniversary.
Li-Young Lee is one of the outstanding poets they publish. Good news for creative writers...They will soon begin publishing fiction in addition to poetry.

- Kurt Vonnegut's essay offers his bleak, witty outlook for America and the world. This link is a six-paragraph teaser of the full article from Rolling Stone magazine in the their August 24, 2006 issue.

- Listen to your favorite writers, poets, and essayists talk about their opinions on modern living - everyone from William T. Vollmann to Billy Collins and those in between. Search by writer or individual's name here. You can also go to the Archives section and scroll through the Months to see the offerings.

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