Friday, June 16, 2006

Been Writing (Professionally) for Ten Years

Work: I am polishing a collection of poems to send around this fall with the goal being a first book or at least a chapbook. The collection contains 45 - 50 solid poems written over the years, many which I initially wrote, revised, read at Baltimore coffee houses, and revised, revised, revised again.
Working on several short-story ideas, which are coming along nicely. By the way, if you are actually reading this, well, thanks for being interested in my writing. My goal is to get more out there, when ready, to share with more readers. I tend to write for myself (see also Stephen Dixon), but what artist doesn't want their work appreciated by others?

WHAT I'M READING NOW: Seventy pages into Vollmann's THE ROYAL FAMILY. It is a detective novel of sorts based in San Francisco and centered on a group of prostitutes, one of Vollmann's favorite topics.
Also reading a collection of interviews with American authors titled STORY STORY STORY by John Schumock. Here is where I learned that Dixon writes for himself. Did you know that he's an ex-newspaperman?

WEBSITE FOR LIT LOVERS (if you don't already know of it):

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