Sunday, February 26, 2006

What is Sacred?

In our busy, sensory overloaded lives, we all struggle to find sacred moments - connections to each other and to nature. If not, well, then we're not feeling too human, robotic is more like it. That is my opinion and if you're on a blog about books, music, thoughts, well, maybe you feel the same way.

Finding the time to cherish life and its precious, diminishing moments is a real challenge. For me, finding the time for family and work (outside of the paycheck) that is rewarding and purposeful is important.

Books to me are also sacred. It is the aura of the author's spirit and voice that radiates from them. The sweat and toil that have gone into their writing, revision, and creation. As I read before in a quote from another booklover, it is good to surround ourselves with books. We can hope to read as many as possible, cherish their adventure and experiences, their knowledge, and some, even though we might not finish, we at least tried to understand and appreciate the author's voice and message, although maybe it did not speak to us as others might.

One of my goals for this year is getting out and hiking and walking more. Experience the natural world that is slowly (more rapidly of late) dwindling away, mostly in the name of "progress" and development. I want to read and study more on how we as a species can better manage our resources and work with the land instead of always taking, taking, taking from it. There is much to learn from native peoples and their holistic approach to living in concert with nature and not trying to conquer her. Conquering her could be to our demise. For me, there is no "could," it will cause our demise. Until later, happy reading and living. - CF

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