Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cool Reading List from a Thinking Musician

One of my favorite musicians, and writers, Neil Peart is the topic of this short blog log. His website -- -- has a page called Bubba's Book Club where he gives his opinion and suggestions for stimulating reads. Check it out.

In the 1970s, my friends and I waited behind the (then) Capital Centre to meet Rush after a show. We were hopeful and sure enough the trio emerged one at a time. If I remember correctly, first Neil, rushing up the ramp and to the tour bus with a green hooded sweatshirt shrouding his visage. My powers of observation detected his likeness and I yelled, "Hey, Neil!" My friend and I thrust our tour books (about ten bucks or maybe five back then -- tickets were "dirt cheap" then also). He hesitated then started to climb the bus's steps. "C'mon, Neil," I pleaded. He obliged, but clearly did not feel comfortable in the "Limelight" for it surely was not the universal dream for him.

Years later, and after many rock musician interviews, that teenage encounter with Rush -- folks lined up for fifty to seventy yards long to get Geddy's autograph -- still brings me nostalgic joy. Their music and call to individuality was instrumental in my formative years. Well, enough geezing. Happy Holidays. Happy reading. Check out some of my writing (and links) while you're here. - CF (you might discover that this is not my real name. Nor is the current Profile Photo of me, but, with apologies - pls don't sue, Neil - of the aforementioned musician.)

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