Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting It Down - Writing Process - Making Time to Write

As I discuss with my students, teaching writing is challenging, but rewarding, because there are no easy solutions, tricks, short cuts, or "cookie-cutter" templates to apply to get the ideas to go onto the page (screen). It's work. It's a process. It's about discovery - what is working and what isn't. Yes, it takes time, something many of us find in short supply.

If you're serious about wanting to write, taking just ten or fifteen minutes a day to freewrite or brainstorm is, well, better than nothing at all. All of these short sessions will add up. You will make the routine a habit, and the habit can help you mine good material, ideas. Of course, not everything will be great, but don't censor yourself while getting the ideas down: write by hand, type, draw, storyboard, use index cards, paper, a computer, pen & ink, whatever works.

Don't censor? Right, just write. Get it down. You can re-read and revise later. You need clay to mold your masterpiece, or near masterpiece. If you critique and silence yourself now, you'll never get any ideas fleshed out. Try writing at different times of the day, or night, and try different methods.

Stay open to learning, reading work that inspires you, and discovering what works for you.

Happy writing and keep thinking!

- Tim

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