Thursday, September 02, 2010

Writing Success

As a writing instructor, I am dedicated to helping students produce the best communication and writing they are capable of creating. This involves in-depth discussion and practice of the stages of the writing process. As more of my own writing gets published in print and online, I am encouraged to share my knowledge and successes with others.

In my classroom experience, I am receiving positive feedback from students on the student-centered, collaborative, and creative environment that I foster. My philosophy is to offer multiple demonstrations and examples of writing techniques and situations to appeal to diverse learning styles. Educators that have greatly influenced my teaching-writing style are Cheryl Brown, Peter Elbow, Clarinda Harriss, bell hooks [sic], and Nancy Sommers.

Some of my recent successes as of this summer:

- Won a National Endowment for the Humanities, NEH, grant to attend a week long academic workshop on Concord, Massachusetts: Center of Transcendentalism and Social Action in the 19th Century, July 2010.

- Poem, “Seven Seas Speak,” published in Yes, Poetry, an online journal, and acknowledged in Stevenson University’s A Library for a New University, a bibliography of faculty publications, 2010.

- Contributed cultural reviews to Glide Magazine and, both respected in the music and media industry.


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