Monday, May 22, 2006

More Book Babble

My last post, about the NYTIMES BOOK REVIEW (NYTBR) panel I attended at the DC BookExpo (BookExpoAmerica), discussed the drama and fun “literary circus” I witnessed as impassioned LitBloggers confronted Sam T., NYTBR editor, about his alleged allergy to fiction, per Ed Champion and others.

I have no feelings on this, currently, one way the other since I am not a serious reader of the NYTBR. However, I do scan it just about every week as part of my job (book acquisitions), but find the LIBRARY JOURNAL’s reviews as informative, if not more balanced between fiction and non-fiction – one of the LitBloggers apparent beefs with the NYTBR. I really appreciate the underdog and underground, so my heart and support go to the LitBloggers.

More importantly, there were books recommended by some of the panel participants (and recent NYTBR jurors for the What is the Bestest [sic] Work of Fiction Ever [Ever being the lifespan of a twenty-five year old]?) Cynthia Ozick recommended William Gaddis’s Carpenter’s Gothic and critic Liesl Schillinger stated Anne Tyler’s Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant as favorite novels. Schillinger also mentioned Jonathan Foer and David Foster Wallace as edgy young writers.

WHAT I’M READING: more than 100 pages into Vollmann’s 13 Stories and 13 Epitaphs (1992)

BLOG I’M CHECKING OUT: Good Books Guide Blog

Now, back to the paper I'm writing (or not writing)...

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