Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Books & Music I'm Checking Out:

Reading Kerouac's DHARMA BUMS now. Trying to peck through it among some amazing family developments (more later). Kerouac is fictionalizing his experiences with Michael McClure and Gary Snyder and others. Want to finish this soon and read John Irving's latest about a tattoo artist searching for his father, UNTIL I FIND YOU.

Looking forward to the end of August (summer break) to complete some short stories and send them off to publications. My goal is to have 12 - 15 good stories by end of 2006, and then I'll focus on my novel idea, which I've begun to flesh out.

Music is always good inspiration and I've been listening to rock lately, in addition to jazz radio and my jazz standards CDs. Foo Fighters new one IN YOUR HONOR is a great package of straight-ahead and acoustical compositions. After seeing Modest Mouse on TV last year, I bought a couple of their CDs. Great stuff. Flaming Lips ...PINK ROBOTS... is on regular rotation as is their SOFT BULLETIN release.

Looking for some bands and artists to work with for press releases and basic promotional assistance. I've done this for bands in the Baltimore area and really enjoy it.

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